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Bare 3 Days of Darkness Kit
Bare 3 Days of Darkness Kit
Bare 3 Days of Darkness Kit

Bare 3 Days of Darkness Kit

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This kit brings you a choice of resin statues with a minimal amount of sacramentals to survive the chastisement according to our research. Information sheets are included in the kit explaining what and how to prepare.

Since only the Father knows when this will occur it is wise to be and stay prepared physically and spiritually. Therefore, pray the rosary daily, pray often throughout the day to increase your faith and ward off evil. In addition, develop a deep devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Wearing the brown scapular, Miraculous Medal and St. Benedict medal will also be beneficial.

Check our website often for additional prayers, blogs, and updates.


Below are items you will need during the 3 Days of Darkness. This list is not inclusive. Remember there will be no electricity, lights or conveniences. In other words, think camping indoors.

Sacramentals for the Survival of your Soul:

These components will take away your fears as well as protect you from harm through the turmoil.

  • Blessed Candle 100% Beeswax - for light, protection from demons, weather, gases,  upheavals etc.
  • Blessed Matches
  • Blessed Salt
  • Blessed Oil
  • Holy Water
  • Bible
  • Rosary
  • Crucifix
  • Statues or Images of Christ, Our Lady, Saints and Angels
  • Scapulars
  • Medals – such as, Miraculous Medal and St. Benedict
  • Prayer Books, Pamphlets and Holy Cards

For your Physical Survival:

  • Food and Beverages – readymade or prepared - there will be no utilities for cooking
  • Water – drinking, wash hands, personal hygiene etc.
  • Blankets and Warm Clothing – it will be extremely cold at first
  • Summer clothing – it will get extremely Hot
  • Medicines and toiletries
  • Waste reciprocals – trash, toilet etc.

What to Do


The earth will be so completely dark you won’t be able to see your hand in front of your face. Concurrently, there will be violent earthquakes, volcanoes, intense lightning, super tornadoes, wind, heat, hail, weird sounds, foul smells the like we have never seen. As a result, it will be extremely scary, but do not be afraid, just pray constantly and have faith in God.

When you hear thunder loud enough to shake the mountains go inside quickly and lock your doors, light your candle etc. because the 3 Days of Darkness has begun. In addition, it begins on an extremely cold winters night after that intensely hot wind with hail and a extremely severe thunderstorm. 

More than likely this will happen near the end of winter probably February or March, also it will be on a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Prior Preparation 

  1. Sprinkle blessed salt around your property lines.
  2. Bury St. Benedict medals at the corners of your property.
  3. Place a blessed crucifix above all entrance doors, if possible place them and/or a St. Benedict medal over your windows.
  4. Set up a prayer altar or at least have everything ready and know where to place it.


  • Lock all doors and windows. Keep yourself and family inside. DO NOT open the door for anyone for any reason. If so you will die. DO NOT look outside.
  • Close all window coverings making sure no light comes through.
  • Light your blessed candle it is the only light you will need for the full 3 days.
  • Sprinkle holy water all around your home, on you and anyone in your house.
  • Set up your prayer altar with crucifix, images and all your sacramentals.
  • Pray unceasingly! For example, pray the rosary, litanies, chaplets, invocations, read the Bible, booklets, pamphlets, holy cards, sing hymns, pray to your favorite saints and angels, as well as beg God for His love, mercy and forgiveness.
  • Pray from your heart and soul.
  • Frequently use holy water, blessed oil and blessed salt.
  • Do not fear. Keep your faith, use common sense and stay calm.
  • Your animals outside will be safe and feed by God.
  • Evil spirits will try to lure you outside by pretending to be a loved one. Do not listen.


You have survived to see the new day, full of fresh clean air, bright sunshine, green grass etc. Immediately give thanks and praise to God that you are alive before you do anything else! Another thing to remember is that there will not be many survivors. So you may have to search awhile to locate other people.

Kit Items

1 New Testament with Psalms - Soft cover - St. Joseph
1 Crucifix – 5” St. Benedict – standing, dark walnut
1 Statue of Jesus – resin – Select 8” Sacred Heart or 6” Sacred Heart or Divine Mercy
1 Statue of Our Lady – resin – Select 8” Our Lady of Fatima or 6” Our Lady of Grace
1 Rosary with case – St. Benedict corded
1 Candle – 100% Beeswax
1 ¾” St. Benedict Medal
4 St. Benedict Crucifixes – 1 ½” for Doors
1 Pardon Crucifix
1 Miraculous Medal on Card - Blessed
1 Brown Scapular
1 Holy Water Bottle – 8 oz
1 Sea Salt – 1/4 cup
1 Pieta Prayer Book
1 Holy Face of Jesus Prayer Card
Information – 3 Days of Darkness, Blessed Salt, Holy Water, Blessed Oil, Pardon Crucifix, St. Benedict and Instructions

You may receive additional items in your kit as extras!

Picture above may not be 100% accurate, but item list is correct.


*Matches are not included in this kit. Safety matches must be sent via ground transportation only and cannot be mailed internationally. Therefore we ask you to please include a book of matches in your kit prior to having it blessed. Only blessed matches will light the candle during the Three Days of Darkness!

*The bottle for holy water is empty there is no liquid in it. Please fill the holy water bottle from your church's holy water dispenser. Thank you for your understanding

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