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To save our country, our souls and the world from Lucifer and his evil demons who desperately want us to join them in hell! Because we as a nation have sinned more than at any other time in the history of this world, we now find ourselves in this spiritual, psychological, and physical war for the very soul and heart of this nation, the whole planet and most of all our own souls. God has not intervened as He has previously as in the “Great Flood”. Lucifer asked for and was given 100 years to take as many souls from God as possible. He is the “Father of Lies” and we have fallen for them all. We can redeem ourselves by correcting our wrongs. We must come back to God and put Him first in our lives and in this land again and meant it when we say “In God We Trust”! We must support all life and follow the Ten Commandments. We must pray, pray, and pray. This is our only salvation. This is our test to prove to God that we love Him and deserve heaven and not hell as are works have condemned us.

Prayer totes bring us to God, Mary, the angels, saints and the Catholic Church.  Everyone needs spiritual battle armour - sacramentals - rosaries, medals, scapulars, holy water, booklets, bibles etc. They make great gifts for relatives, friends, neighbors, coworkers, yourself or for sharing. They show us how to pray.

Our Lady is gathering her warriors now! Have your spiritual battle armour ready to fight for GOD! He desires everyone to go to heaven. We need to save as many souls as possible for Him. These acts of charity and mercy will be rewarded in heaven! One day soon, everyone on this planet will become Catholic! 

After the warning, (the warning & the miracle are private revelation) or this country collapses under communism, a nuclear attack, a catastrophic nationwide disaster, plague, famine, which ever comes first people will be looking for answers. Hence, there will be a multitude seeking information about God, Mary, heaven, hell, forgiveness, how to pray, etc. The priests and deacons will need assistance. 

Make copies of prayers and pamphlets to give to others. Birthday gifts, Christmas, anniversary, graduations, and special occasions or just to be nice are good reasons to give totes. Purchase your spiritual supplies before they are prohibited or unavailable. Will you have the resources to save your soul, defend and teach the word of God? 

The church has always proclaimed that there will be a Three Days of Darkness! We know not when only the Father in Heaven does however look around there are growing signs everywhere everyday. God is allowing the devil his final romp now but not much longer! Do not delay! Be prepared! Set an example! Put on your spiritual armor now!

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