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More souls are released into heaven at the consecration of the Mass than at any other time. Christmas Day is the day of the year that most souls leave purgatory for heaven. Following Christmas the next days of great delivery into heaven are the feast days of Our Lord, then Our Lady and then the great saints.

Souls in purgatory get extra graces for prayers offered to them on their birthdays, and the anniversary of their baptism and death. That is why many people have a Mass offered for their loved ones on the anniversary of their death. 

Remember that Mass is the highest form of prayer!

The Holy Rosary is the second highest form of prayer.

If we pray for the souls in purgatory, Mary will deliver many souls to heaven and in turn, they will pray for us. God will be more merciful toward us if we pray for the souls in purgatory.

When I was a child on All Souls Day, it was a well established tradition to visit as many different churches as possible and pray for the souls in purgatory. We received plenary and/or partial indulgences for the souls.

What happened to our Catholic traditions??? Please bring them back! They are the glue that holds us together as a church and keeps our faith in God.

Did you know the beautiful song  "Adoro Te Devote" was written by St. Thomas Aquinas in the 1200's? 


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