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Thoughts On The World Today

Look around the world today and what do you see? In countries without God, there is nothing but chaos, fighting, constant wars, lawlessness, tyranny and unhappiness in their people, i.e. Middle East, Far East, Africa, etc. The countries that believed in God had peace and happiness, i.e. South America, Canada, United States, Europe, etc. See what has happened when these countries no longer trust in God, believe in God or depend on God for everything. When they take prayer out of the country, no longer live by the Ten Commandments their countries fall apart. There is lawlessness, crime, disease, disasters, wars, famine, nothing but hate and chaos. Do we want that for our country? It has already happened and is getting worse.

Do you not think it is about time we put God back into our country? Put God back into our schools, homes, work, church, politics, and life. Teach our children and grandchildren about God and our true purpose on earth. This life is a test, a trial to get into heaven. We must be strong and fight the devil to gain entrance into heaven and all of its rewards including eternal life in the presents of God. If we continue on this path of destruction and death, that Lucifer has planned for us we will have eternal life in hell where there is forever darkness, chaos, hatred, and the gnashing of teeth because God is not in there presence. Only where God is, is there light and happiness.

God has removed his grace from this country because we have removed God from this country. In addition, God has removed his grace from the Catholic Church because the church since Vatican II has slowly been removing God. The pope has taken God completely out and has put in nothing but evil. He is doing Satan’s work by encouraging and accepting LGBQT, human trafficking, antichristian religions, condemning Latin Mass and by not following our long-standing traditions passed down from the Apostles and our Great Popes.

This has created a division in the church just as we have a division in our country. This is a war of Good vs. Evil. Who is going to win? It looks like Evil will win and Satan will rule our world. Do you want to live under lawlessness forever? This battle of good vs. evil has already been fought and won. We know that good wins in the end. Our Lady has a plan and She wins. Trust the plan and have faith in Our Lady, She will not let us down. So hang in there and fight the good fight, have courage and hope.
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