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We must stop sinning or at least try. NOW! We have thrown God out of our schools, churches and most of all out of our homes and our lives. We must stop praising and accepting wickedness, LGBQT, divorces, abortion, evil, pedophilia, wokeness, lawlessness etc. We have turned our nation into something worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. We no longer honor or respect God. His Ten Commandments have long been forgotten and/or ignored. This has caused us to lose God’s protection on this country. We need to do an about face, NOW! Repent, repent, and repent again, beg for God’s mercy and love.

We cannot continue to ignore what is happening to our country anymore. We must stand up and fight for our freedom and God given rights before they are completely gone. There is no longer any time left. Please pray fervently for yourself, your family, friends, your town and our country. Pray to God every morning, evening, and several times during your busy day at a minimum. Pray that we will change from our wickedness to loving and honoring our creator and His commandments.

Do not live in fear. The Great Reset with the help of msm, governments, Hollywood, big tech etc. wants you to live in a constant state of fear. Do not fall for it. Fear is one of the most powerful motivators of behavior and clearly, people’s behavior has been massively manipulated using fear these past two years. Just put on the armor of God and fear not. God wants us to be happy and joyous through our trials on earth, not being scared to live. We may have lost a few battles but we have already won this war! Remember in the end God WINS through Our Lady!

The most effective remedy for sin is to have a devout recollection of the Lord’s passion –i.e. the stations of he cross, the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary with a true spirit of penance and a deep sorrow for our offenses. Kneel before a crucifix and ask Jesus for forgiveness with a sorrowful heart. Jesus, himself will present your case to His Father to have mercy on you and His Father cannot refuse His only son, Our Lord and savior. Jesus has more love for us than anyone on this earth can possibly fathom. Turn to Christ for all things. He would go through His complete passion again if it would save just one soul from going to hell. Think about it. Who on this earth has that kind of love? Not even a mother or father has that amount of unconditional love. It is incomprehensible to us. Just say “Thank you Jesus” will make Him happy. Live less sinfully and see Jesus is everyone you meet. His love and Mary’s love for us is unimaginable for human beings to comprehend and yet, so greatly appreciated. Their kindness is inconceivable.

Jesus lives in holiness, not sin and filth. Do you want to go to heaven for eternity or spend eternity in hell? I choose heaven where it is beautiful, full of love and happiness with the vision of God. Hell is dark, full of hate, anger, resentment, and sadness for lack of the sight of God. The choice is yours!
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