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Act of Contrition - The Very Best

The Best and Most Complete Act of Contrition - insert any specific sins you feel are pertinent in your life.

Forgive me my sins, O Lord,
Forgive me my sins,
The sins of my youth,
The sins of my age,
The sins of my soul,
The sins of my body,
My idle sins,
My serious voluntary sins,
The sins I know,
The sins I do not know,
The sins I have concealed so long, that are now hidden from my memory.

I am truly sorry for every sin, mortal and venial, for all the sins of my childhood up to the present hour.

I know my sins have wounded Thy Tender Heart, O my Savior, let me be freed from the bonds of evil through the most bitter passion of my Redeemer.

O my Jesus, forget and forgive what I have been.


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