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Let us pray Her Rosary daily, wear Her Miraculous Medal and the Brown Scapular.

The Hail Mary is the highest form of praise and love we can offer to Our Lady. If said devoutly, she will reward us greatly, if not in this life it will be in the next life.

Only the angels, saints, and the Holy Trinity know the true value of our prayers, invocations, sacrifices, and fasting. They use them to convert sinners and nations, shorten a soul’s tenure in purgatory, and heal our bodies, minds and souls, postpone chastisements, avert wars, etc. Prayer is our way to heaven. Prayer softens God’s heart and heals His wounds. Mary is Jesus’s mother. By offering everything through Mary, she will present it to her Son in the most appealing way for us. Remember Jesus will refuse His Mother nothing and Mary will refuse St. Joseph (her most chaste spouse) nothing. Therefore, Jesus will grant anything asked through Mary or St. Joseph. However, everything they grant us is for our own good and the salvation of our soul or others. If it is not for our benefit, it will not be granted. Because of this, we sometimes think God is not listening. This is far from true. God, Mary, the angels and saints hear all of our prayers and requests. We will know all the whys and why not’s after death no matter whether we go to heaven or hell.

Mary has a plan to conquer Satan. We must help her with our prayers. Therefore, during this month of Mary say the Hail Mary often. Say the Rosary daily. Pray constantly whether it is household chores, gardening, working, driving or exercising, and when you awaken in the morning or before bed. Anytime you are not doing anything for 15 seconds. You get the idea.

Many souls go to hell because no one prays for them. Pray daily and often. Just an invocation is good enough when you are busy. We are living in the “Time of Mercy” which we know not how long it will last. Our time is short so make every day count for our salvation.

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