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Thank You Jesus

Satan and his minions great sin was Pride, as we all know. In addition, it was Envy as St. Thomas and other theologian have written. Envy is a lack of gratitude for what God has given you. The world today is full of Envy. Hence, telling God you are thankful will disperse Envy. One cannot be envious if they are grateful. Say this short prayer by Msgr Rossetti. Or simply say - Thank you Jesus for all you have done for me. Alternately, make up your own "thank you" prayer.

Jesus I thank you. I thank you for humbling yourself as the Son of God and becoming one of us. I thank you for teaching us about the Father and sharing your Word. I thank you for your loving sacrifice on the Cross. I thank you for sharing with us your beautiful Mother. I thank you for sending down your Holy Spirit. May gratitude well up in my heart and deepen each day. I ask for the grace to praise and thank you this day and forever. Jesus, I thank you. Jesus, I thank you. Jesus I love you.

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