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Mission Statement

Increase awareness of God and his unfathomable love and mercy
Understanding of Catholicism - the bible, God, heaven, hell, purgatory etc.
Urge people to live for God and not themselves – change your life
Increase devotion to Our Lady, St Michael and all the saints
Motivate people to pray more especially the rosary
Teach people a better way to live - in peace, kindness, and compassion
Steer people away from Satan; look to God for help, hope, and salvation
Guide people in helping others
Safeguard our nation and the world from eternal damnation
Save our nation from Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Satanism, etc
Realize we have been fooled into living for Satan unbeknown to us
Life is easy and fun if we do it for God
There is a better life after this one – this one is only a trial and a test
Depend on God for all of our needs and desires
Pray often throughout the day – continuously
Pray for the poor souls in purgatory – you may be there some day

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